anastasiya lazzaretti

My language journey began 8 years ago when I suddenly got into learning English. I was so crazy about English that my parents forbade me to learn it when I did something wrong.

While I was learning English, I met a lot of foreigners who were learning Russian. I was always eager to help them and would spend hours trying to explain to them the complexities of Russian grammar. I felt it was my responsibility to make their learning process at least a bit easier. I didn’t want them to give up.


Mighty russian

Mighty Russian is a free online platform for anyone in the world who wants to learn Russian. It was created by the teacher Anastasiya Lazzaretti, a native Russian speaker, whose goal is to produce the best free content for Russian learners.  

Anastasiya spent years teaching herself languages, such as English, German and Chinese, and the free high quality content available on the internet to learn these languages made her journey much easier. 


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