In this lesson, you will learn the main uses of the Russian verb ‘собираться’, which often comes up in everyday conversation.

Conjugation of the verb “собираться”

conjugation of the verb собираться

The verb ‘собираться’ has many different meanings. In this lesson, I will teach you the three most common of them.

“To intend” in Russian

The first meaning of the verb ‘собираться’ is ‘to intend to do something’. It is used to say that you’re going to do something at some point in the future.

Here are some example sentences:

Я собираюсь учить русский.
(I intend to learn Russian = I’m going to learn Russian)

Мой брат собирается покупать новую машину.
(My brother intends to buy a new car)

Мы собираемся переезжать.
(We’re going to move house)

Что ты собираешься делать?
(What do you intend to do?)

Они не собираются сдаваться.
(They aren’t going to give up)

Я не собираюсь ложиться спать.
(I’m not going to go to bed)

Когда ты собираешься найти работу?
(When are you going to find a job?)

“To get ready” in Russian

The second meaning of the verb ‘собираться’ is ‘to get ready to go somewhere’. It is normally used when you get dressed or pack your things in order to go to some place.

In this meaning, ‘собираться’ can be used in two ways.

It can be used on its own when you just want to say that someone is getting ready. For example:

Я собираюсь (I’m getting ready)

Она собирается (She is getting ready)

Мы собираемся (We are getting ready)

Ты собираешься (You are getting ready)

Or it can be followed by a place, which takes the Accusative Case. For example:

Я собираюсь в магазин.
(I’m getting ready to go to the supermarket)

Мы собираемся в кино.
(We’re getting ready to go to the cinema)

Дети собираются в школу.
(The kids are getting ready for school)

Они собираются в поход.
(They are getting ready to go camping)

Куда ты собираешься?
(Where are you getting ready to go?)

“To gather” in Russian

The third meaning of the verb ‘собираться’ is ‘to gather’ or ‘to get together’. It is used when people come together in one place. Let’s take a look at some examples:

Мы собираемся каждые выходные.
(We get together every weekend)

В Рождество вся наша семья собирается за большим столом.
(At Christmas all our family gathers around a big table)

В праздники мы все собираемся у бабушки.
(On holidays, all of us get together at our granny’s house)

В Новый год мы собираемся всей семьёй.
(At New Year we gather as a whole family)

Где вы собираетесь в пятницу?
(Where are you getting together on Friday?)

So these are the main meanings of the verb ‘собираться’ that native speakers use a lot in everyday life.

I hope everything got clear, but if you have any questions, leave them in the comments. I’ll be very happy to help you.